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Reliable communication, global coverage.

Transport and Logistics


For transport managers, the safety and security of their fleet is paramount. Versatile voice and data solutions keeping fleets connected anywhere.

With fleets scattered all around the globe, having access to timely information is what drives the business of transportation. Globalsat lets know where the equipment is, what it is doing and how it can be used more efficiently, even in remote and demanding of environments.

Globalsat delivers reliable industry-leading transportation solutions, including global high-performance asset management, condition monitoring, driver safety, lone worker and remote communications, reliably and in real time anywhere on the planet.


Reliability and Return on Investment

  • Reliable pole-to-pole satellite coverage
  • Data plans tailored to specific needs
  • Flexible airtime packages ideal to increase cost efficiency
  • Innovative, easily integrated and fully scalable technology
  • 24/7 helpdesk

Typical Applications

Asset Management

Railway tracks or highways, transportation companies selects Globalsat to manage their fleets more efficiently optimizing overall performance and enhancing safety for equipment and drivers.

  • Monitor and manage assets more efficiently
  • Optimize equipment utilization
  • Reduce equipment failure and downtime
  • Improve productivity and resale value
  • Protect investments from theft or unauthorized use

Condition Monitoring

Anticipate and React to Any Changes, in Real-time, Anywhere. Keeping track of the state of your assets. Globalsat provides real time access to high-value data empowering to take actions to prevent potential failures and avoid their costly consequences.

Telematics Data

Near real-time access to high-value data, provides a precise picture of asset performance, status and location.

  • Engine Hours and Status
  • Pressure Measurements
  • Performance Indicators
  • Hydraulics Operation
  • Temperatures
  • Fluid Levels
  • Fuel Levels and Consumption
  • Condition Based Monitoring
  • Service Indicators
  • Security Alerts
  • Dashboard Cautions
  • GPS Information
  • Location Monitoring
  • Geo-fencing

Dispachers Capabilities

The Information they need, when and where they need it for monitoring and updating status on fleet activity and efficiency.

Driver Safety

Real-time risk mitigation and response with intelligent data and low-latency, two-way communications to help protect both equipment and transport operators.

Transport Safety Solutions

Fleets and cargo are kept secure with global vehicle safety services such as:

  • Timely asset location and trip details
  • Vehicle performance management
  • Breakdown and crash notifications
  • Driving style monitoring
  • In-cab driver mentoring

Lone Worker

Enhance personal safety and response times Lone workers, especially on isolated routes, face heightened safety and communication challenges to mitigate risk and respond quickly to any situation with reliable, location-based services, safety alerting, man-down systems and low-latency two-way communications capabilities.