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Aviation Rotorcraft


From search and rescue and off-the-grid work, to executive transport and media reporting, helicopters are increasingly used to support a variety of missions, each with their own operational challenges. Chief among them is the need for reliable and affordable in-flight connectivity that performs under the blades.

Globalsat provides rotorcraft solutions that leverage low-cost avionics and antennas to deliver fleet monitoring, and flight diagnostics and voice communications to the rotary-blade aircraft market.


  • Robust, pole-to-pole satellite coverage
  • Competitive universal rates, on the ground and in the air
  • Low lifecycle costs of any long-range communications solution
  • Small form factor equipment, making it easy to install
  • Low-gain antenna options offering less drag on the aircraft

Typical Applications

Operational Communications

Highly customized solutions for the rotorcraft market are designed to address specific challenges and needs, such as voice, global data reporting, flight tracking and fleet management.

Keeping Data flowing to and from Rotorcraft

Solutions that help operators meet the latest requirements for engine management and regulatory compliance. Specific capabilities include:

  • Solutions that support Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) and Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) FAA requirements
  • Access to an immediate picture of relevant operational parameters
  • Tracking, exception reporting, trending data, alerts and alarms

Flight Following from Pole-to-Pole

Solutions to provide unmatched visibility of a helicopter’s movement anywhere on the planet. Up-to-date information regarding route and air traffic, along with access to the latest weather charts and environmental conditions help to not only increase safety in the most remote regions, but also improve fleet management and overall operational efficiencies.

Passenger Communications

Rotorcraft passengers can stay in touch, manage work tasks and receive important updates regardless of their location or flight path.