Aid, NGOs & Disaster Relief

Globalsat Group
Reliable communication, global coverage.

Aid, NGOs & Disaster Relief

When dealing with a crisis, the emergency services understand the need for timely and accurate exchanges of information. Restore order and respond quickly in a crisis.
Reliable, effectively and efficiently inter-operable satellite communications to meet the needs of first responders to command, control and coordinate operational personnel in the field, whether terrestrial networks are available or not.


In a time of a national emergency or natural disaster, when there is a loss of terrestrial communications, Globalsat Group provides secure and resilient satellite-based communications services capable of handling restricted information and operating independently from the main telephone networks to ensure that civil authorities stay connected in a crisis.
Aid workers in remote or developing areas face many challenges in getting help where it is needed most.
Globalsat Group provides services that does not rely on local ground infrastructure, so it is unaffected by what happens on the ground, allowing you to maintain critical connections while helping to build or restore infrastructure.


  • Ease of use
  • Global and inmediate coverage
  • Phone & internet access in time of national emergency to allow emergency services users to remain in contact if conventional telecommunications are unavailable
  • Mobile and Transportable terminals available 24/7 as backup resource
  • 24/7 helpdesk