Agriculture & Forestry

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Reliable communication, global coverage.

Agriculture & Forestry


In agriculture and forestry, the increasing competition to get the most out of often diminishing resources. That means going farther, working harder and communicating better than anyone else.

Globalsat delivers reliable, high-performance solutions for smart farming and precision agriculture, management of people and equipment, lone worker safety and remote communications no matter how far afield you are.


Reliability and Return on Investment.

Customer benefits include:

  • Reliable pole-to-pole satellite coverage
  • Cost-effective and easily-integrated technologies
  • Industry-customized solutions, such as end-to-end, near real-time “smart” soil moisture monitoring and telemetry
  • 24/7 helpdesk

Typical Applications


Grow Profits with Intelligent Data Solutions.
With limited access to land and critical resources, coupled with increasingly competitive operations, and unpredictable climates, farmers face more challenges than ever. Globalsat offers a comprehensive set of intelligent machine-to-machine data solutions. Track and monitor in near real-time, and maximize production helping to prevent yield loss and reduce overall operational costs.

Precision Farming

Using the power of Internet of Things (IoT) to redefining precision agriculture from parcel-to-parcel – and on a global scale. Get access to:

  • Near real-time, high-value data for yield monitoring and mapping
  • Environmental monitoring such as weather, soil conditions and water levels
  • Plant diagnostics

Telematics Data

Near real-time access to high-value data, provides a precise picture of asset performance, status and location.

  • Engine Hours and Status
  • Pressure Measurements
  • Performance Indicators
  • Hydraulics Operation
  • Temperatures
  • Fluid Levels
  • Fuel Levels and Consumption
  • Condition Based Monitoring
  • Service Indicators
  • Security Alerts
  • Dashboard Cautions
  • GPS Information
  • Location Monitoring
  • Geo-fencing

Lone Worker

Lone workers, particularly in remote areas, face heightened safety and communications challenges. Globalsat solutions help to mitigate risk and respond quickly to any situation with location-based services, safety alerting, man-down systems and low-latency, two-way communications capabilities.