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Iridium 300 minutes Airtime SIM Card (Global Plan) non renewable - Expiry: 12 Month

    The 300-minute e-voucher provides a low annual budget amount for 12 months of talktime for low and moderate usage customers. This plan is designed for low-use annual customers providing 12 months of access to the Iridium network for a price-competitive annual fee. It is ideal for the regular user that has moderate usage as well as an occasional seasonal user that has irregular needs for satellite phone service with low or moderate usage requirements. Bundled with one of Iridium’s handheld units, the 300-minute voucher makes the entire Iridium package price more valuable than ever for global customers.

    To enjoy these low global rates, recharges under this voucher plan are NOT available. However, if a customer wishes to continue with any Iridium standard e-voucher plans, the SP may delete the account in the prepaid platform and recreate it with any prepaid plans. The subscriber WILL be able to maintain their current MSISDN/SIM as long as the account is NOT deactivated in SPNet. Unuse minutes are lost when an account exceeds its expiry period or the account is deleted from the prepaid platform (no time or minute extensions are allowed).