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  • Globalsat's deployment represents a notable example of how satellite technology has a critical role to play in emergency communications and has already saved many lives in Chile.

    - Tim Farrar, Mobile Satellite Users Association Former President.

  • Within our emergency network, BGAN services are extremely important and used as alternative communication systems to coordinate our actions when conventional links are disrupted. We make use of satellite telephony and the data service becomes our main Internet access route. This insures that in spite of any impact a catastrophe might have on national terrestrial infrastructure, we can continue to keep in touch and thus act in a coordinated manner supporting the maritime and coastal community.

    - Commander Marcelo Albarrán, in charge of technical unit DIRECTEMAR, Chilean Navy.

  • Due to its overall strong performance, coupled with the benefits it provides to its clients, Globalsat is the deserving recipient of the 2016 Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year award in the Latin American Satellite Communications Market. The company has a unique positioning in the region, backed by its ability to cater to the demanding needs of its customers.

    - Frost & Sullivan, Best Practices Research Team.