Globalsat Group
Reliable communication, global coverage.


Optimize your operations and manage your assets, on a global scale.
With operations scattered across the world and growing competition from a variety of alternative sources, utility companies face increasing pressures to be more efficient, productive and profitable than ever before.
Globalsat Group delivers reliable, high-performance solutions for global asset management, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), lone worker safety and remote communications with global coverege.

Advanced Metering Infraestructure

Extend the reach of your advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). With ubiquitous IP connectivity, you can backhaul consumption data from collector points, however remote they are.

Distribution Automation

Utilities deploying Globalsat Group solutions, our two-way IP data service, can take advantage of complete automated monitoring and remote control of their entire distribution infrastructure.

Workforce Communications

Installation and maintenance crews need to stay productive in the field. With Globalsat Group services, remote teams can be in regular contact with the office, receiving job instructions and technical specifications, as well as running tests and sending data in real time – speeding up diagnostics and decision-making.

Disaster Recovery

Globalsat Group services help reduce network downtime during natural and man-made disasters. When a catastrophic event disrupts terrestrial and cellular networks, you can maintain voice and data connectivity and run critical applications.


  • Always-available connection
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Global and inmediate coverage
  • Ensure data security with password and SIM card protection to ensure only authorised staff have access
  • Vehicular terminals take up minimal interior space with a discrete tracking antenna mounted on the car roof for actual comms-on-the-move
  • Flexible pricing packages are available depending on length of use and volume of data
  • 24/7 helpdesk